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Osteoporosis Program

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Osteoporosis Program

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones in the body become more porous and thinner as the specific cells that break down bones out number the cells that help to rebuild bone.

This leads to decreased bone strength and ultimately can increase the risk of bone fracture. Both men and women can be affected by osteoporosis.

Exercise for Better Bones


Our physiotherapists will work with you over a period of time to guide you through a safe and effective exercise program. You will also receive a package of exercises with pictures and detailed instructions so that you can carry out your program independently on a daily basis.

There are many websites about osteoporosis that indicate “weight bearing exercises” and “strength training” are important for your bones. This is true, but it is too general and does not offer you the guidance you need to implement a safe and effective exercise program into your routine. Further, a program that may be helpful for one individual may be unsafe or harmful to another.

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