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Common Cause for Shin Splints, Explanations, and Treatment Advice- Guide from Physiotherapy Clinic in Toronto

Shin splint is a pain that happens on the front of the shin which is brought on by exercise. There are a handful of reasons that serve as the causes for shin pain, but here we will look into the most common reason for shin splints which is the tendon on the front of the shin called the tibialis anterior. This type of splint is common in athletes who are runners or long distance walkers. Tibialis anterior joins onto the shin bone run down the inside of the shin across the ankle of the leg and attaches onto the inside of the foot. Many people undergo physiotherapy in Toronto by visiting physiotherapy clinics in Toronto for regular treatments on shin splints.

What Causes The Splints

Here are a few causes for shin splints:

  • Increasing sports training too quickly. Training should always be gradual and then ramped up. The anterior shin splints are common in people who return to running after a lot of sudden stops to training. Again, if too much running is done at high speed then the splint can happen.
  • Tight calf muscles are another common cause of this pain. The tight calf muscles alter the movement range of the ankle and with every stride add extra stress to the anterior tibial muscle.
  • Overpronation is another cause. This problem is also associated with tight calf muscles. The anterior tibials overstretch causing problems.
  • Inappropriate footwear is also another reason. If you are running and your trainers do not provide the right kind of support to the feet then the foot can face problems that will result in shin splints.

Stop Shin Splints-Treatments

To stop the pain that happens after shin splints, a reputed physiotherapy clinic in Toronto suggests the following:

  • Exercise regularly by doing specific stretches and eccentric strengthening
  • Use ice on the pain as it immediately relieves the inflammation and pain. It also provides relief.
  • Phased return to exercise
  • Footwear orthotics is another solution that you can use. Visit any sports footwear store that offers individual assessment and fitting.

Other Causes of Medial Shin Pain

Though these are common causes of the shin explained above but there are several other causes for the pain that affects the tibialis anterior. Other causes for shin splints include:

  • Stress fracture
  • Referred pain, is a pain which although felt in the shin is caused by a nerve being compressed in the lower back.
  • Vascular pain is pain that happens due to impaired circulation.
  • Compartment syndrome is a potentially serious condition where swelling of the muscles puts extra pressure on the surrounding structures.

If you are unsure of how to treat such pain, you can always refer to a physiotherapy clinic in Toronto and talk to a reputed doctor offering physiotherapy in Toronto. In most cases, the therapist will offer some regular exercise that will reduce the problem.

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